More than
20 years of experience
stand behind our inventions and developments. Existing studies prove the future success.
Global patent and industrial property rights
secure your company´s future economic success through unique selling proposition.
Qualified and worldwide
We verify and patent worldwide.
Individual and customized for each business sector.

Worldwide patent development

Garand-Patente protect and safeguard mental property through technical property rights like utility models and patents.  We are specialized in technical solutions for the transport sector. Our worldwide property rights and patent portfolios create the base for successful companies and secure from replica product piracy.

Patents –  the foundation for success

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Engineering Made in Germany
From Germany - for the world.
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Geographic coverage

We succesfully registered property rights and utility models in more than 30 countries.

These include the key core markets and industrialized nations such as Germany, the USA, Canada, China, Australia and many more.

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